"EFT Weight Loss: Are You Making These Weight Loss Mistakes?" 

Discover How Easily You Can Harness The Power Of Surprisingly Simple Breakthrough Techniques For Stopping Addictive Cravings, Increasing Self Control and Releasing Extra Weight Naturally

Announcing ... New EFT Weight Loss CD ... Available Now!Weight Loss EFT Expert Dr. Carol Solomon, Ph.D. MCC

Here are some common mistakes people make:

You start out fine . . . and you get some results, then you stop. 

You know EFT works . . . but you don't use it often enough to get the results you want.

The cravings for sweets are so strong, you don't think to use EFT . . . all you think about is food.

You want to tap . . . but you aren't sure what to say.

You only tap for a few minutes . . . when some issues take more time to get the results you desire.

For many people, it's not that you don't know HOW to use EFT . . . It's just that you don't.

You either aren't using it enough or you aren't using it effectively. Many people just don't know what to say or how to tap effectively to get results.

This CD Makes It Easy!  

All you have to do is put it on and tap along.

Weight Loss EFT CD Emotional Freedom Techniques

First . . . so you'll know exactly where to go to get help as soon as you get your CD . . . check the comments below that apply to you . . .

“The Cravings Are So Strong . . . I Can't Stop It …”

(See "Stopping Food Cravings" Track 2)

“I have no cravings anymore . . . none . . . zip!”

 I've had a remarkable week . . . I have no cravings anymore . . . none . . . zip! I've even started to exercise. And I feel much more in control, almost like a different person.

Diana Alex
Phoenix, AZ 

“I Want To Lose Weight, But I Love To Eat  . . ."

 (See "Increasing Self Control" Track 5)

“No more late night snacking when the family is in bed or pigging out on empty calories . . . ”  

Hi Carol,    I’ve been thinking about you.  I'm feeling great!  Lots of changes going on. I have lost 12 pounds and have kept it off for a while now.  

   I have lots of energy, and the cravings are gone.  I eat when I'm hungry even if the clock doesn't say breakfast, lunch or dinner.  No more late night snacking when the family is in bed or pigging out on empty calories.  I'm not sure what happened, but I think all your words, exercises, and patience with me helped to put everything together.   

  I can even see a change in my body, and that helps me when I might be tempted to eat when I'm not really hungry. I just think how good I feel in my new smaller pair of jeans, and I don't choose to eat.

   It's such a wonderful sense of freedom, just like you talked about. I'm so happy I had a chance to work with you. Thank you for so much, Carol.


“I Can Lose Weight, But I Just Keep Gaining It Back …”

(See "Releasing Extra Weight" Track 3)

“I am completely out of the vicious cycle of dieting . . . binging . . . dieting . . . binging."

"I am completely out of the vicious cycle of dieting vs. binging . . . and all the psychological heaviness that goes along with that. 

Thank you Carol a million times over."      Alita H.

“Sometimes I'm Tired And I Just Want To Eat …”

(See "Conquering Stress And Fatigue" Track 4)


“I have lost 5 pounds in one week!"

"Eight days ago, I started using EFT for weight loss. I have been working on changing my eating habits for over a year and a half. I kept up the program because of other health benefits, but was very frustrated about not losing. I have lost 5 pounds in one week! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" 

Judy Richardson  

“It's Easier To Stuff My Feelings With Food Than To Feel Them …”

(See "Increasing Self Control" Track 5)

“I feel like I don't need to go out and eat right now

 "You have captured so much of how I feel in your 'scripts' that after tapping with you all through the recording I feel like I don't need to go out and eat right now - which I was about to do (and felt powerfully that I still would do for at least half of the tape) but started listening to your tape instead and I don't need to now.

Thank you SO much again.
With much gratitude,

"How Will This CD Help Me?"

1. Introduction: EFT For Weight Loss 

2. Stopping Food Cravings 

3. Releasing Extra Weight 

4. Conquering Stress And Fatigue 

5. Increasing Self-Control 

6. Appreciating Your Body Meditation 

  • With this CD, you'll be able to simply tap along to my voice. I've done all the work for you! 

  • Discover how to feel relaxed and calm . . . EFT is relaxing . . . a great stress-reducer . . . and easier than ever!

  • You won't have to think of what to say, so it will be easier to make it a regular practice.

  • You'll feel confident, in control and happier with  yourself . . .  empowered in your ability to handle this issue quickly and easily.

  • Your cravings will disappear or be greatly diminished, making it easier to release extra weight.

  • You'll feel *peacefully in control* around food -- that is always my goal. I want to feel peacefully in control -- to love food as a life-giving force and enjoy it, but not be something that causes pain and unhappiness.

With EFT For Weight Loss, 
You Can Feel Peacefully In Control Too!

EFT for weight loss, stop food cravings, emotional freedom techniques How often should I use it?

Use it as often as you like -- you can't tap too much.

eft weight loss Gary Craig Emotional Freedom Techniques Lose Weight How hard is it to learn?

All you need is a basic understanding of where the tapping points are. If you don't have them, go to EFTUniverse.com to get a copy.

EFT weight loss -- weight loss eft energy techniques What do I get?

You get my all *NEW* CD *EFT Weight Loss" which includes 6 Tracks 
Weight Loss EFT CD Emotional Freedom Techniques Gary Craig Emofree

Weight loss EFT - EFT weight loss -- EFT Emotional freedom techniques AND A VERY Special Bonus: You Get My All New "Appreciating Your Body" Meditation 

This meditation ALONE is worth the price of the CD! It's very, very relaxing . . . It will help you to:

  • relax

  • feel good

  • improve your body image and 

  • appreciate all your body does for you.

You'll want to listen to it over and over again.

Going to the Next Level

If you are interested in taking your health and weight loss goals to the next level, then this program can help you get there. 

Yes Carol, I Want EFT For Weight Loss!

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Weight Loss EFT Emotional Freedom Tapping Techniques Hugs,

Carol Solomon, Ph.D. MCC, EFT Cert-1
Master Certified Coach

P.S. Don't delay -- the sooner you start using this program, the sooner you will start getting results. And this CD makes a GREAT gift -- order for your family and friends and spread the gift of EFT!